Latest thrift store finds 04.22.2012

vintage typewriter thrift store find

It’s time for my latest thrift store finds! This time I went to my favorite thrift store and to a flea market. The flea market was really busy, to busy for my taste. And it was a big mess. It was raining outside and it looked like the tent was build when it was already raining. There were big pools of water everywhere, inside and outside the tent. But we found some great items, so in the end it was worth it. My favorite item? The vintage typewriter pictured above. I really wanted one and I finally found one! And for just 3 Euro’s!

See more of my latest thrift store finds after the jump. . .

vintage cameras thrift store finds

I also found a few vintage cameras. I love the Polaroid camera. The film is 18 Euros for 8 Polaroids so I’m not going to use it any time soon I’m afraid. But still, a nice find and I’m definitely going to use them someday.

vinage alarm clocks thrift store finds

Last time I showed you the vintage alarm clock I found. Now I’ve found another one! Exactly the same! I love to have two of them.

orange vintage collecting-box thrift store find

This vintage collecting-boxes are also a great find. They even have little coins in the lid. They make a noise like there is already money inside the collecting-box.

Some other things I found:

– a large 40 liter pot for the garden of my parents
– a push bike for my friends son
– a chair for the garden
– an old camera bag

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