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DIY – Wrap watch

Make your own DIY version of a wrap watch! @By Wilma

I really wanted a wrap watch. I love the look of them! The only problem is: my budget is not that big right now. So today I decided to make one myself. I had an old watch clock lying around so that was perfect for this project. Of course you could also use a cheap watch from the store. Hope you like this project!

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DIY, Fashion, Jewelry

Recipe – Homemade tortilla wraps

recipe - homemade tortilla wraps

I love wrap tortillas because they are delicious and easy to make. But sometimes I like to make those simple store bought things myself. The recipe isn’t hard to do but it take some time to make them. I love the taste of it. They taste a lot more natural comparing to the store bought ones.

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DIY – Braided wrap bracelet

DIY - Easy to make braided bracelet. @ By Wilma

There was a time my arms where filled with bracelets. But lately I don’t wear them that much. Now I’m back in the game, starting with this cute braided wrap bracelet. And I promise there will be more bracelet tutorials to follow!

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DIY, Fashion, Jewelry