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DIY – Speech bubbles for your plants

Make this cute DIY speak bubble for your plants. Let them tell you they want to survive, or make one as a gift with a loving message!

I’m absolutely in love with this project. It looks so cute! The text I added to this speak bubble is sadly something that my plants would probably say when they could speak. I would love to keep everything alive, and really: I am learning But for some reason there are always moments that I just completely forget about my plants. That’s when they die, obviously. So maybe I made these speak bubbles as a reminder so this plant will really survive. Read More »

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DIY – Garden markers from paint stirrers

DIY project: make garden markers from paint stirrers (+ an easy way on how to transfer the text)

DIY project: make garden markers from paint stirrers (+ an easy way on how to transfer the text)

Sometimes it’s so hard to think of a good gift for someone you love. You want to give them something they will use and remember but they already have so much stuff. And to make it even worse: there is close to nothing on their wishlist. So what to do? Well, pick something they love to do and create something that helps them with it! This garden markers are a great example of just that. My dad loves his vegetable garden (I promise I will make pictures this summer, it’s really pretty) but I noticed he didn’t had any garden markers. So I decided to make him some for his birthday. I called my mom for a list of all the vegetables and bought a lot of paint stirrers. I love the end result and so did my dad. I think they will look great in his garden! Read More »

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DIY – Wood bracelet with 'silver inlay'

A great DIY on how to make a wooden bracelet with 'silver inlay'

Okay, it’s obviously not real silver in this ‘wood’ bracelet. But you have to admit that it looks like it! I decided to give a bracelet with wood-print a makeover with silver duct tape. This looks like the wood has a silver inlay. Of course you could also take a real wood bracelet for this DIY, but I had this one with wood-print still lying around. I really like the result and I’m sure I will wear this bracelet very often!

Read on to see how to make this wood bracelet with ‘silver inlay’. . .

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DIY – How to protect and whiten your wooden table

DIY - How to protect and whiten your wooden table @ By Wilma

My dining table is something I will never trow away. It was a gift from my parents and I absolutely love this table. I have it now for 3 or 4 years and it already has had three different looks. It was painted grey when I got it. When I moved in with my boyfriend the table didn’t really fit into our home. So we used it as a desk in stead of a dining table. We painted the table white at that point. Now we are in our new home and the table is back in the kitchen. Because I don’t really like paint on top of my table (it stains so easily) I decided to remove all the paint. I love a wooden table that is lived on! We wanted to keep the wood of the table light so we tried store bought stain. It was terrible. Then we tried beeswax. Better, but we’ve got water damage right away. I didn’t want to spent to much money so I decided to try google. I found a perfect recipe for table oil (which I then chainged a little). Plus I defeloped a simple technique to whiten your table.

Learn how to protect and whiten your wooden table after the jump. . . Read More »

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