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This week was… delicious but frustrating

This week was... delicious but frustrating

This week was full of good things. We had great food like this delicious homemade pizza (1) and burgers (4). We also went to a barbecue where a friend of ours who is a cook made strawberry and chocolate chip cookie ice cream (5). It was SOOOO GOOD! I know it looks like I’m kinda going overboard with all the amazing food right now but I feel like I should enjoy the food that I like at the moment and not worry too much about it.

Besides the food I finally feel like myself again (3). Without the tube going through my nose. It feels so much better! It makes me really happy. Our cat Dime (2) also makes me really happy. He has been so cute this past week. It’s like he is feeling that there is change coming in our household. I also think he feels that I need his attention now more than ever. It’s been a hard week for me. I really want our baby to be born. It feels like it can be here any moment now and I’m tired of the pain, nausea and waiting. I’m almost 39 weeks pregnant now and I think it’s time for our little one to come into this world.

Thrift stores where also visited this week (6). I found three of these cute mugs for my sister. We also found some old school maps of The Netherlands and of the world. They are getting a special place into our home soon!

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This week was...