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DIY – Curtain ring statement necklace

This DIY statement necklace features something you will find in (almost) every thrift store: wooden curtain rings! @By Wilma

This DIY project features something that you can find in (almost) every thrift store: wooden curtain rings. I always see a lot of them when I visit thrift stores so today I decided to finally make a project with them. This necklace is really stylish and you can make it in every possible color! Hope you like it!

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DIY – Lace skirt

DIY - A tutorial on how to create a lace skirt from lace curtains from the thrift store @ By Wilma

I love the section with lace curtains at the thrift store. I just can’t resist pretty lace. They are great for recycling project. It’s great to give something like that a second life! Today I’m going to share with you a cute lace skirt. Made with, of course, a lace curtain from the thrift store!

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Latest thrift store find: buttons!

Latest thriftstore find - Vintage buttons in jars

Ever since I was a little girl I really love buttons. When I was little my mother had a jar full of buttons that I loved to play with. Today I have jars of my own. One jar is unfortunately still missing after I moved in with my boyfriend last year. I don’t think I will ever have enough buttons. They are like a little addiction. They are so small and pretty… I just can’t have enough of them. Yesterday I found two jars filled with all kinds of vintage buttons at the thrift store. I just had to take them home with me. Aren’t they pretty?

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Thrift store find: Pretty vintage cooking pans!

Thrift store find: Pretty vintage cooking pans!

Now that I’m moving into my new home I know that I’m going to use my fabulous vintage stove very soon. I’m really looking forward to that. I love baking and I haven’t been able to do some proper baking in over a year! But that lovely vintage stove can’t go without some vintage cooking pans. So I bought some at the thrift store. It makes me so happy when I look at these pans. They are so pretty and colorful! The best thing is I bought them for about ten Euro’s in total. A lot less then if I would buy new ones. And these vintage cooking pans are looking so much better then today’s cooking pans! What do you think of them? XOXO Wilma

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DIY – Briefcase sidetable

DIY - Briefcase sidetabel

I love to recycle stuff I found at the thrift store. So I decided to make a small side table from a briefcase! It took me a long time before I figured out the combination of the lock, but in the end I was able to open it. For the legs I used a small footstool. I really love how this briefcase sidetable turned out!

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Red vintage typewriter

Red vintage typewriter

I already own one vintage typewriter. I was searching for one a long time before I found this one. A few days ago I went to a thrift store and I found another one! For three Euro’s I couldn’t resist buying it. I love the red color of this type writer. It’s so pretty! Strange thing; sometimes you are looking for something and you can’t find it. Then when you finally found it you see the same thing everywhere. Sometimes you even find more beautiful items.

Have you ever found something you where looking for for a long time that you found a short period later again?

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Latest thrift store finds 04.22.2012

vintage typewriter thrift store find

It’s time for my latest thrift store finds! This time I went to my favorite thrift store and to a flea market. The flea market was really busy, to busy for my taste. And it was a big mess. It was raining outside and it looked like the tent was build when it was already raining. There were big pools of water everywhere, inside and outside the tent. But we found some great items, so in the end it was worth it. My favorite item? The vintage typewriter pictured above. I really wanted one and I finally found one! And for just 3 Euro’s!

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