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Styled – Aqua and red

In Style - Aqua and red. Fashion lookIn Style - Aqua and red. Fashion lookIn Style - Aqua and red. Fashion look

We went for a walk today in our new neighborhood. We wanted to do this since the first day we’ve got here but we just never got around to do it. It’s pretty nice around here. There is a lot of water so we may want a small boat some day. It would be lovely for summerdays! Maybe next year… Do you have ‘Maybe next year’ plans? XO Wilma

Blouse: Vero Moda / Trousers: C&A / Blazer: Royal Chicks / Necklace: Kijkshop / Shoes: Sacha


DIY – Vintage style painted shoes

diy vintage painted shoes

Those of you who are following me on Facebook and/or Twitter have already seen a little preview of these fabulous vintage style shoes. Today I am finally sharing the DIY! I found these great vintage style shoes for just 4,50 Euro. I loved them, but I thought they would be even more fabulous with a little bit of paint. I like the vintage style of them and I think the black paint makes them look more vintage. I think they turned out great! What do you think? Are you going to paint your shoes?

Read how to make these fabulous vintage style painted shoes after the jump. . . Read More »

DIY, Fashion

By Wilma Style – Lovely layered

By Wilma Style

I love to layer my clothes. This dress has a black and white print that I absolutely adore. The cardigan together with the shoes gives this outfit a splash of color.

Dress – Melrose
Cardigan – Promiss
Belt – H&M
Shoes – Thrift store