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Recipe – Pavlova with strawberries

recipe - strawberry pavlova
recipe - strawberry pavlova

Pavlova seems a difficult dish and is therefore often avoided. But it’s quite easy to make. It’s super fun to do and your guests will be impressed with you when you serve this at your next dinner party. There are two ways to make a pavlova. The first is to make one big pavlova, the other, and that’s my favorite way, is to make mini pavlova’s. This way you do not have to cut the pavlova so everyone gets their own perfect mini pavlova!

Read on to see how to make this delicious pavlova. . .

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Recipe – Nectarine, banana and strawberry smoothie

banana, nectarine and strawberry smoothie recipe

Smoothies are perfect for hot summer weather. I love the taste of it plus it’s super healthy! My boyfriend made this one for me the day my water broke. We thought a few extra vitamins couldn’t be a bad thing! Of course this nectarine, banana and strawberry smoothie would be just as delicious on a regular day. 😉

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Recipe – Strawberry lemonade syrup

recipe - strawberry lemonade

I really like to make things that you normally buy in the store because it’s cheap or just because it’s easier. Strawberry lemonade syrup is such a thing. It’s easy to buy it but it tastes so much better when you make it yourself!

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