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DIY – Mini bell jar from a broken wine glass

DIY - Mini bell jar from a broken wine glass

A few days ago I bumped over my wine glass.Thank God it was empty, so mopping wasn’t necessary. But unfortunately my glass was broken; the bottom came off. Basically I can still drink from it, but I’m not planning to hold it all night because I can’t set it down. A shame to throw away right? Okay, let’s be honest, we will not be drinking out of it anymore but it looked like a fun DIY project. A mini bell jar! A wine glass is the perfect shape for this. The mini ‘cake’ plateau I bought at the store, but you can also put the mini bell jar on the table without anything underneath. Tip: the thrift store  is filled with saucers without a cup. Perfect in size to slide under your new mini bell jar!

Read on to see how you can make a mini bell jar from a broken wine glass. . .

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DIY – Easy and fast hat makeover

DIY - Simple and easy hat makeover

I love hats, but I must admit that I don’t wear them that much. So it would be a shame to spend a lot of money on one.  The downside of cheap hats is that the band around  it looks very cheap. I bought the hat in the picture  for 2.50 Euro on sale. The blue stripe is pretty fun, but it’s a synthetic band and it shows. I decided to give it a makeover by using a vintage band that I found a while back at a flea market. Now my had is a unique piece and it  looks so much better!

Read on to see how you can do an easy and fast hat makeover . . .

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Recipe – My boyfriends hamburgers

recipe - my boyfriends hamburgers

Today I have a really quick and easy recipe for you. I didn’t make these hamburgers, my boyfriend did. I’m not really into food at the moment. They are really quick and simple but also absolutely delicious!

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DIY – Really easy poncho

DIY - Really easy poncho

This simple poncho is great for this fall! I made it from 1 meter of knitted fabric and it’s really easy to make. A real beginners project I would say. I love to wear mine with a belt around my waist. I only ‘belt’ the front, the back is hanging loose. This creates the ‘wing’ effect. What do you think about this cute and really easy to make poncho?

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DIY – An easy way to Mod Podge your shoes with fabric

How to Mod Podge fabric on your shoes. An easy way to get the pattern for the fabric just right! @ By Wilma

I have a pair of black pumps that are really comfortable. Because of that I wear them a lot and oh boy that’s visible… I can’t trow them away, they are to comfy! But I can’t really wear them anymore ether. Don’t we all have a pair of shoes like this? I decided it was time for a makeover. For the shoes I used some vintage fabric and the heel is covered with fake leather. I developed a really easy technique on how to make a pattern for your fabric. So, let’s get started! XO Wilma

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