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DIY – How to protect and whiten your wooden table

DIY - How to protect and whiten your wooden table @ By Wilma

My dining table is something I will never trow away. It was a gift from my parents and I absolutely love this table. I have it now for 3 or 4 years and it already has had three different looks. It was painted grey when I got it. When I moved in with my boyfriend the table didn’t really fit into our home. So we used it as a desk in stead of a dining table. We painted the table white at that point. Now we are in our new home and the table is back in the kitchen. Because I don’t really like paint on top of my table (it stains so easily) I decided to remove all the paint. I love a wooden table that is lived on! We wanted to keep the wood of the table light so we tried store bought stain. It was terrible. Then we tried beeswax. Better, but we’ve got water damage right away. I didn’t want to spent to much money so I decided to try google. I found a perfect recipe for table oil (which I then chainged a little). Plus I defeloped a simple technique to whiten your table.

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