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DIY – Teacup cactus planter

DIY - Teacup cactus planterI absolutely adore vintage teacups. They are just so cute. The only problem is: I like my tea in mugs. I mean: how much tea fits into these small teacups? Luckily there are more uses for these cute little teacups than just drinking tea. You could make these cute little teacup cactus planters for instance! Read More »

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DIY – Speech bubbles for your plants

Make this cute DIY speak bubble for your plants. Let them tell you they want to survive, or make one as a gift with a loving message!

I’m absolutely in love with this project. It looks so cute! The text I added to this speak bubble is sadly something that my plants would probably say when they could speak. I would love to keep everything alive, and really: I am learning But for some reason there are always moments that I just completely forget about my plants. That’s when they die, obviously. So maybe I made these speak bubbles as a reminder so this plant will really survive. Read More »

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DIY – Face planter

DIY - Face planter tutorial

As you might know after my cress cups with a face DIY project, I love planters with a face on it. I thing it just gives every plant more personality! So today I want to share this little fellow with you. His name is Bob. OK, just kidding, I don’t actually give my planters names. But isn’t he cute? And I can change his ‘haircut’ as many times as I want. He doesn’t complain! This actually is a recycling project. For the base of this face planter I used a empty can! Read More »

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Washi tape marathon day 5: DIY cute planters

Washi tape marathon day 5: DIY cute planters

Today is day 5 in the 10 day washi tape marathon! This will be the last tutorial for this week, on Monday we will start fresh with day 6 of the marathon! This DIY is again a really simple one. All you need are some simple white planters and some colorful washi tape. I love how the colorful cacti look with these cute washi tape planters!

Learn how to make DIY washi tape planters after the jump. . . Read More »

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DIY – Garden herb markers

DIY - Garden herb markers

Yesterday it was the birthday of a friend of mine. He also just moved to a new apartment. Yesterday was the first time we went there so we needed a gift that was both a birthday present and a housewarming gift. He really loves cooking and because he has now a balcony right next to his kitchen I decided to give him a balcony planter with herbs. Of course I also needed some herb markers. This is how I made them!

Read the full instructions for these cute garden herb markers after the jump. . . Read More »

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