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DIY – Studded picture frame

DIY - studded picture frame

A while ago I ordered a bag with studs. I have lots of super fun ideas for fashion items, but I thought they would be fun for the home too! If you fold the nibs on the back to the inside you could also glue the studs on. Of course you could also buy studs with a flat back for this purpose. Today I have a fun studded picture frame DIY for you. I hope you like it!

Read on to see how you make this studded picture frame. . .

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DIY – Fabric covered picture frame

DIY - Fabric covered picture frame

I have a lot of old picture frames lying around that I can’t paint. And with can’t I mean that I did try to paint them but for some reason the paint keeps turning orange. It’s mixing with the ‘stuff’ (whatever it is) that gives the frame a wood print. I don’t want to trow them away so I thought of something to go around this painting problem. This DIY project is a quick and easy way to spice up those old and unwanted picture frames!

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