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Washi tape marathon round-up

washi tape marathon round-up: 10 washi tape crafts!

I really hope you enjoyed my washi tape marathon the last couple of weeks. Today I want to share with you the round-up from all the ideas I have shared with you. Here we go!

Day 1: DIY washi tape cocktail stick
Day 2: DIY washi tape cupcake toppers
Day 3: DIY washi tape mini bunting
Day 4: DIY washi tape notebook
Day 5: DIY washi tape planters
Day 6: DIY washi tape pen
Day 7: DIY washi tape confetti
Day 8: DIY washi tape stickers
Day 9: DIY washi tape teacups
Day 10: DIY washi tape sunglasses

I hope you enjoyed my washi tape marathon! XO Wilma

Craft Marathon

Washi tape marathon day 9: DIY tea cups

washi tape marathon day 9: tea cups!

We are at day 9 of our washi tape marathon. Just one more day to go! Today I want to show you a simple and fun way to make your tea party even more fun. These washi tape tea cups also comes in handy if you have a lot of the same tea cups!

Learn how to make these cute washi tape tea cups after the jump. . . Read More »

Craft Marathon, DIY

DIY – Crazy party sunglasses

These crazy DIY sunglasses are really easy and fun to make from a cheap pair of sunglasses! @ By Wilma

A friend of mine is having a party were everybody should wear sunglasses. It’s called: “Post-summer sunglass birthday house-cooling-rewarming party”. Yeah, I know, that’s a lot of words for a party! I told him I could make some crazy ones for him. That would be great for pictures and it’s so much fun! So today I made him ten pair of crazy party sunglasses. It’s a pretty easy project and I hope they will be a big hit at the party!

Learn how to make your own pair of crazy party sunglasses after the jump. . . Read More »


DIY – Pretty straw

diy - straw flower

This pretty straw is made with cupcake liners! It’s such an easy craft to do and it makes every drink look festive.

The full instruction continues after the jump . . . Read More »