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I love our new home. It’s so light and spacious. Two things that are so different from our last home. I also love the big garden and the nice neighborhood. We have to do a lot in the garden before I can say it’s pretty. Right now almost everything is paved. I want to add some grass and of course flowers! I also want a patio, that would be great with the rainy weather here in the Netherlands. But for now we are still very busy inside. The last residents were living here since 1965 and were heavy smokers so you can imagine that there is a lot to do here. One of the rooms had 6 layers of wallpaper. I kept a piece of all of them. I really love the one above. I’m going to try to find a roll of that one. That would be so great!

dime and john moving

The cats were not amused by the move. John, the grey one, doesn’t really care about the new home but he does about not being able to go outside. Dime spent his first day lying under the couch. The poor thing. Now he is sleeping at his, and Johns, new favorite spot: the window-sill. They will be alright, it just needs some time..

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Moving on…

moving on boxes

When I moved to the apartment I’m living right now, my boyfriend was already living here. I came from a much bigger home that was from my parents and was for sale for a few years. Because they had moved already I was living there on my own. I collected a lot of stuff around me in that big house. When I had to move I really didn’t know where to go with all that stuff. A lot of it is here, in this way to small apartment, and the rest of it is at my parents home. I never really felt completely at home here. It’s just to small and because my boyfriend already lived here it never felt like it was really mine. But now that is going to change. Because we are moving out to a bigger home!