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DIY – Ibiza style buffalo skull

DIY - Ibiza style buffalo skull DIY - Ibiza style buffalo skullI really love the bohemian interior style and if there’s one place you’ll find it a lot it’s Ibiza. It’s been over two years since I’ve last been there, and I can’t wait to go back again because I love being there! Today’s DIY has Ibiza written all over it. A buffalo skull Ibiza-style! I always use a polyresin skull because they are affordable and they work really well for this DIY project!


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DIY – Gold hand jewelry stand

DIY - Gold hand jewelry stand

After my I found the base for my palmistry hand I also found another hand. This one is also from Ebay and it is a jewelry stand. It’s black when you buy it but when you spray paint it gold it looks amazing! How amazing does it look together with my palmistry hand? Hands should come in pairs, don’t you think so?


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DIY – Palmistry hand


I always wanted to have a palmistry hand. I just love the look of those hands. When I found this hand on Ebay, I knew I had my palmistry hand in the making. This hand can be used as a jewelry stand or a decoration piece. I love how it turned out. It may not be 100% accurate, but who cares? I wasn’t going for an accurate palmistry hand but for a beautiful decoration piece. And I think I it turned out perfectly!

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Shopping for plants

plant shopping

Today I went shopping for some plants for the bedroom. I love to have some plants there, it makes it so much more alive! I also wanted some small colorful cactus. I found everything and I am so happy with how everything looks in my home! It’s coming more and more together.

plant shoppingplant shopping

I never was able to keep plants alive, but lately I’m doing much better. I still like to buy plants who don’t mind it when I forget them though… Do you have a lot of plants in your home? XO Wilma


In the middle of moving


I’m in the middle of moving right now. We have to do so much! We are the second occupants of this house. The people who lived here before us have been there for 47 years! And they were smokers. Heavy smokers. So the living room and kitchen were yellow. Dark, disgusting yellow. There are four different types of floors downstairs and five on the first floor. So every room has it’s own floor. From all the nine floors I like one. So we have to do a lot! But it doesn’t matter. Because the house is fantastic! It has a large garden and it’s a really nice neighborhood. We have room for everything we want. I think we are going to have a really good time here!

The next busy weeks I will try to post as much as possible but I may have to skip a few days. I hope you understand! XO Wilma


DIY – Painted bottles

diy painted bottles

Old whiskey bottles are really pretty to see, but I love them even more when they have a little bit of color. These bottle look really cute and they are extremely easy to make. Also, if you have a color scheme in your house and you want matching accessories, you could easily make a few of these pretty bottles in the right color.

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