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DIY – Restyled neon flower pot

How to create a pretty restyled flower pot with an on trend neon detail! @ By Wilma

Today I want to share a very simple DIY with you. Thrift stores are full with all kinds of flower pots, so I thought I could restyle one and make it a little more special and personal. I also added a little neon to go with the current neon trend. I love the little plant I bought to go with the pot. I have no idea what the name of this plant is, so if somebody here knows; please tell me! XO Wilma

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DIY – Flower cake Mother's Day gift

diy flower cake mother's day gift

I wanted to make something special for Mother’s Day this year. I found a wooden cake stand at the thrift store and I thought that this could be a perfect base for a flower a cake. A little bit different from the normal bouquet and a lot more personal! To make this cake I used a bouquet from the store and ivy from the garden.

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Hair tutorial – Messy side bun

hair tutorial side bun wedding hair flower

I love wearing my hair in a messy side bun. It’s easy to do and it will last the whole day. Because the bun is on the side of your head you can see the bun from the front. That’s what I like so much about it. It looks more playful then a regular bun. When you add a flower to it your look is completely finished. But you don’t have to! A lot of the times when I put my hair up like this I’m not putting a flower in it. But for a special occasion, let’s say a wedding for example, a flower would bring this easy side bun to a whole different level!

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DIY – Fabric flower shoe clips

DIY - Fabric flower shoe clips

I found a pair of clip earrings in the thrift store and I wanted to make something beautiful with them. Clip earrings are perfect as a base for shoe clips. So, that’s what my earrings are going to be: pretty shoe clips with fabric flowers on them!

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