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DIY – How to make a colorful paint chip iPhone case

DIY - How to make a colorful paint chip iPhone case

I still have some clear iPhone cases lying around and I think it’s so much fun to change the cases a lot! It’s the perfect accessory. So today another DIY iPhone case. And I promise there will be more in the future! This time a colorful paint chip iPhone case.

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Recipe: Homemade potato chips

Recipe: homemade potato chips

I always loved to make my potato chips in the microwave, but lets be honest: nothing beets the real deal. So I thought I should try to make them in sunflower oil and see how they tasted.. Well I can honestly tell you that these are my new favorite potato chips! They taste so much better than store bought potato chips plus you can season them with whatever you like! You could try salt, pepper, Parmesan cheese, fresh herbs, paprika powder…  This time I made them with just a little sea salt. And they are absolutely amazing!

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DIY – Paint chip chevron ombre necklace

DIY - Create a cute chevron ombre necklace with paint chips! @ By Wilma

I really love the ombre trend. The ombre hair is not really for me because I really like my blonde hair as it is for now. But the ombre fashion, interior and jewelry items are absolutely gorgeous! Today I want to share a chevron ombre necklace DIY with you. Yes I know, chevron AND ombre, how great is that? And it’s really not that hard to make. Because for the ombre colors you just need some paint chips!

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Recipe – Tomato salsa as tortilla chips dip sauce!

Recipe - Tomato salsa as tortilla chips dip sauce!

My sister is going to stay with us for a few nights so I decided to make something delicious for tonight. I have to work, but my boyfriend and sister will have this delicious tomato salsa that is perfect as a tortilla chips dip sauce! It’s just a few minutes work but it really tastes great!

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Recipe – Microwave chocolate cake in a bowl

recipe microwave cake in a bowl

I love to make quick snacks and treats. It’s nice to have something homemade without spending a lot of time on it. These microwave chocolate cakes in a bowl are really easy to make and ready in just 5 minutes. They are perfect as a treat when you get unexpected visitors. Today I made them as a dessert. And they were a big hit! The recipe I put down is for one bowl of cake only. But of course you can make as many as you like!

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Recipe – Microwave potato chips

recipe microwave potato chips

Do you know those moments that you really need a snack, but you don’t have anything in your home to eat? Or at least nothing that makes your ‘snack hunger’ go away… I certainly know that feeling. At those moments I like to make myself some delicious microwave potato chips. Potatoes are something I always have in my house. This recipe is really easy and makes delicious and healthy potato chips!

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