Recipe – 3 ingredient tropical popsicles

Recipe - 3 ingredient tropical popsicles

After two years of frustration I finally found a way to get healthy again. It’s called Paleo. And yes, it really does work for me! Besides the diet I’m also training with a personal trainer. I want to loose weight and of course get healthy and (hopefully) pain free again. I found out that I love to cook within the boundaries of the Paleo diet. There are so many foods that I can still eat, plus they are healthy this time! So from now the recipes on this blog will be (mostly) healthy. I will start with these delicious 3 ingredient tropical popsicles. They are Paleo and absolutely delicious! This recipe is enough for 10 popsicles and one smoothie.

This is what you need

for 10 popsicles and one smoothie

  • 2 bananas
  • 1 pineapple
  • 1 can of coconut milk (400 ml)
  • popsicle molds (I use this one)
  • blender

Recipe - 3 ingredient tropical popsicles

Here is how to make it

Peel the pineapple, remove the heart and cut it in pieces. Peel the banana and put it together with the pineapple and the coconut milk in the blender. Blend until smooth. Divide between the popsicle molds and drink the rest as a smoothie. Freeze for at least 2 hours (it depends on your freezer).

Bon appetit!


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