DIY – Chalkboard lettering

DIY - Chalkboard lettering

I have seen so much examples of chalkboard lettering and I absolutely adore the look of it. I thought it must be possible to do this myself. At my work we have a lot of chalkboards so I decided to do one of those. Unfortunately the quality of the chalkboard paint is poor, really poor. So I couldn’t get it perfect because the chalk didn’t really attach to some parts of the chalkboard. But I tried and I think it turned out ok anyway. My boyfriend (who also works there) is going to paint the chalkboards again so I think I’m going to draw this one over.  I want to share with you some simple steps on making chalkboard lettering. Hope you like it!

Learn how to make chalkboard lettering after the jump. . .

DIY - Chalkboard lettering

How to make chalkboard lettering

1. Decide on the text that is going to be on your chalkboard. Also, decide which parts of that text are the most important. These parts should be a little bit more special in you lettering design.
2. Start with a sketch on paper. My chalkboard was a square so I sketched my lettering inside a square. I used a pencil so I could correct my drawing as many times as I would like.
3. Make a raster on your sketch. This way it’s easier to transfer your drawing to the chalkboard. In my case I had already a raster in the form of the lines on my drawing.
4. Make the same raster on the chalkboard and copy your drawing.

Hope you liked this little DIY project! XO Wilma

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