Bedroom makeover with Photowall

When I got the change to review the Photowall wallpaper, I immediately knew which room I wanted to tackle. My parents live in a beautiful old farmhouse and one of their spare bedrooms really needed a makeover. Well, to be honest: they just never finished it. When my grandparents bought a new bed my parents placed the old one in their (half finished) spare bedroom, and that was it. I thought it would be a great idea to find a nice wallpaper for this room to update the look of the bed. Also, I do love the reclaimed wood cabinets, but the fact that the whole room isn’t finished yet just makes it look old (not in a good way).

My parents choose this beautiful patterned wallpaper with large florals from Photowall (Obviously Pink 24A). We got the premium wallpaper with the tool set. Everything you need is in the tool set. The only thing we were missing was a stick to stir the wallpaper glue. The glue was amazing by the way, the wallpaper is really thick and heavy, so we where a little bit afraid that it would come right off. But it worked perfectly!

Because the wallpaper is so heavy we did run into a few things that we would do different next time. First: There is this piece you have to cut of after the glue has dried. I think I would cut off that piece before gluing it down next time. As you can see our walls have an angle. We tried to just glue the paper down en cut it off later. That was a giant fail. It was way to heavy to do it that way, it came right down. This makes it a little bit trickier to glue down walls that aren’t rectangles.

Photowall is not cheap, actually it’s quite expensive. Do I think it’s worth it? Well yes, I absolutely do! The wallpaper goes on smoother than any other wallpaper we ever tried before, and it looks so luxurious! They have the most beautiful patterns and images to choose from, so there will be something for everyone. If you want something special, that looks high end and are willing to spend some money this wallpaper is for you!

If you order your Photowall wallpaper before June 4th 2021 you can use my code bywilma25a and you get 25% off!

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