Recipe – Stuffed pesto bread

Delicious stuffed pesto bread with chicken, red onion and pine seeds @By Wilma

I thought it would be fun to make a pesto bread. Normally we just put the pesto on our bread, but a little variety can’t hurt right? I used ready made pesto for this recipe. Also, I used chicken, red onion and pine nuts in the filling. Really worth trying!

Read on to see how to make this delicious stuffed pesto bread . . .

What do you need for stuffed pesto bread

For the dough:

– 500 grams flour
– teapoon sugar
– teaspoon salt
– Sachet instant yeast ( 7 grams )
– 300 ml lukewarm water
– 25 grams melted butter

For the filling:

– jar of pesto
– 1 red onion
– 1 chicken breast into small cubes
– handful of pine seeds
– salt and pepper

and further:

– olive oil for greasing
– egg

Delicious stuffed pesto bread with chicken, red onion and pine seeds @By Wilma

How to make this delicious stuffed pesto bread

1. Mix the dry ingredients for the dough together in a bowl. Add the water and mix with a mixer with dough hooks. If everything is well mixed , add the melted butter. Continue mixing until the dough stops sticking to the sides of the bowl. Grease the bowl with olive oil and place the dough in it. Put a piece of plastic foil , also greased with olive oil, over it. Let it rise for about 60 minutes . Put the dough onto your work surface and a roll out a piece of about 50 by 30 centimeters . Put the pesto on it. Fry the diced chicken in a frying pan with salt and pepper. Roast also the pine seeds briefly. Put the chicken and pine nuts on the dough. Slice the red onion into half rings and divide this over the dough .

2. Role the dough so you get a roll of 50 centimeters width. Cut this role into pieces of about 3 centimeters wide.

3. Arrange the rolls on a springform pan of 26 centimeters in diameter that you have greased with olive oil . Put a piece of foil on top, and leave to rise for about half an hour in a warm place.

4. Beat your egg and coat your bread with a brush. Bake for about 25 minutes in an oven at 200 degrees Celsius.

Bon appetit ! XO Wilma


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