Recipe – Spooky Halloween candy

Recipe - Spooky Halloween candy. How cute are these little ghost meringues?

I saw these cute meringue ghosts in a magazine and I just had to try them. I adjusted the recipe a little but the idea is the same. Who doesn’t love some spooky Halloween candy? And aren’t they cute?

Learn how to make these cute meringue ghosts after the jump. . . 

What you need for meringue ghosts

– 5 egg whites
– pinch of salt
– lemon
– 250 grams of white caster sugar
– a small piece of dark chocolate
– two teaspoons of cornstarch

Recipe - Spooky Halloween candy. How cute are these little ghost meringues?

How to make spooky Halloween candy

Rub the lemon on a glass bowl and on your mixer. Put the egg whites inside the bowl. Make sure there is absolutely no egg yolk in there. Put a pinch of salt in the bowl. Now you can start beating the egg whites until your eggs are fluffy. Put the sugar in spoon by spoon. Add the cornstarch. Keep mixing until your eggs are thick and fluffy and stay in shape when you lift your mixer. Put the mix in a  pastry bag with a round opening. Keep your pastry bag above a baking sheet covered with grease proof paper and start squeezing the mix out. Just lift the pastry bag as you go. I made a little gif animation to show you how:

animation spooky ghost meringues

Yes that’s my boyfriend making ghost meringues! Now bake your meringues in a oven on 100 degrees Celsius for two hours. After that let them cool for another hour in the oven with the door closed. Never open the door while baking, otherwise your ghost can collapse  After baking you can decorate your little spooky friends. Melt a little bit of chocolate in the microwave and use a brush to draw faces on your meringues. When the chocolate is cooled you’re spooky Halloween candy is ready to eat! XO Wilma


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