Recipe – Pumpkin pie!

pumpkin pie recipe

What else could I show you today then a pie that’s perfect for Halloween: a pumpkin pie! This was my first time making one. Pumpkin pies or not that big here in the Netherlands. I found a great and really tasty recipe at Koken Voor Mijn Dochter. It’s Dutch site which was perfect for me because not all the ingredients I saw on American sites are easy to get by here. Today I’m going to share with you the translated version of this recipe.

Learn how to make this pumpkin pie after the jump. . .

What you need for this pumpkin pie

For the dough
– 300 grams of wheat flour
– 50 grams of sugar
– a pinch of salt
– 300 grams of cold butter
– an egg yolk

For the filling
– 500 grams of orange pumpkin
– a pint of cream
– 2 eggs
– 3 egg yolks
– 200 g light brown sugar
– a pinch of salt
– one tablespoon cinnamon
– a tablespoon of ginger powder
– one teaspoon cardamom powder

pumpkin pie recipe

How to make this pumpkin pie

Mix sugar, salt and egg yolk in the flour and add the diced cold butter. Knead quickly a nice cohesive dough. Roll it into a ball, pack in cling film and put a few hours in the fridge to rest.

Cut the pumpkin into pieces (do not peel) and cook for 15 minutes in a little water until the pieces are soft. Drain and let cool for 10 minutes. Put all ingredients together in a food processor, or use a blender to make it into a smooth paste.

Preheat the oven to 250 degrees Celcius. Grease a cake pan and dust with flour. I use a large, low cake pan (Ø 32 cm) for this cake, but it can also be baked in an ordinary tin (Ø 24 cm). It only needs a little longer in the oven.

Dust the counter with flour and roll out the dough with a rolling pin, to about half a centimeter thick. Roll the piece of dough gently over the rolling pin and roll off the cake pan, press gently and cut off the edges.

Pour the filling into the pie and put in the oven. Turn the oven after 10 minutes to 160 degrees Celsius and let the cake bake for about 40 minutes. Test your pie with a skewer, when it comes out clean the filling is baked long enough. If not, you have to bake it a little longer. Let cool and cut into pieces. Serve with whipped cream with a little bit of sugar.

I hope you enjoyed this recipe! XO Wilma



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