DIY – Yarn wrapped Easter eggs

DIY - Yarn wrapped easter eggs

It’s finally time for a new DIY project on! I thought it would be nice to do my tutorial in illustrations this time. It has been a while and I thought a new start needed also a new layout. So I hope you like it!

These yarn wrapped Easter eggs are really pretty to look at and perfect for hanging in some branches. I love the look of the yarn and the endless color possibilities you have with it. I used fake eggs for this project but of course you can use real ones too. The reason why I used fake eggs is that they are a lot easier to handle than the real deal. But it’s your choice! If you want to use real eggs you can use my decoupage Easter egg tutorial from last year for the ‘blow out’ part.

Learn how to make these cute DIY yarn wrapped Easter eggs after the jump. . .

What you need for yarn wrapped Easter eggs

– eggs (I used fake ones from the dollar store)
– yarn in different colors
Mod Podge with matte finish
– ribbon or yarn for the loop at the top of your Easter egg
glue gun
– scissors
– paint brush

DIY - Yarn wrapped easter eggs tutorial

How to make these cute yarn wrapped Easter eggs

1. Use a paintbrush to apply the Mod Podge on your egg. Start in the middle. You don’t have to put glue all over your egg, glue as you go.
2. Start wrapping yarn at the middle of your egg and go downwards. This makes the top and bottom of the egg a lot easier. I found that starting at the top or the bottom is almost impossible. Apply glue as you go and use different colors to make the stripe pattern. When you finish the bottom half of the egg you can start with wrapping the top half the same way.
3. When you almost done wrapping you need to stop so you can glue some ribbon or yarn on top off your egg. Use your glue gun an form a loop with the ribbon. This way you can hang your finished egg.
4. Finish wrapping the yarn around your egg.

That’s it! Hope you liked this new Easter DIY project! XO Wilma

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