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Make your own DIY version of a wrap watch! @By Wilma

I really wanted a wrap watch. I love the look of them! The only problem is: my budget is not that big right now. So today I decided to make one myself. I had an old watch clock lying around so that was perfect for this project. Of course you could also use a cheap watch from the store. Hope you like this project!

Learn how to make a wrap watch after the jump. . .

What you need for this wrap watch

– Watch clock
– about  30 inch of ribbon
– about 30 inch of chain
– 5 mm jump ring
– 8 mm jump ring
fabric glue
toggle clasp
– lighter

Make your own DIY version of a wrap watch! @By Wilma

How to create a wrap watch

1. Look for ribon that would look good with chain. I found this braided ribbon that I really like.
2. Attatch one side of your toggle clasp to the top of your watch clock.
3. If your ribbon is synthetic you can burn the edges to prevent it from fraying.
4. Put the ribbon through the bottom of your watch clock.
5. Glue the ribbon closed and attatch the metal chain right next to the ribbon.
6. Put the ribbon and the chain three times around your wrist and cut off. Make the ribbon about an inch longer. Put the bigger jump ring through the ribbon, an inch below the top. You can also burn the edge to prevent from fraying. Fold over the top and glue down with your fabric glue.
7. Attatch a small piece of chain to the other side of the clasp. Attatch this chain and the longer piece of chain to the jump ring at the end of the ribbon.
8. Your new wrap watch is ready to wear! XO Wilma

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