DIY – Wooden coffee stirrers necklace

DIY - Wooden coffee stirrers necklace

I love to make necklaces from things you don’t expect to become something pretty. Like the penne necklace I made before. Today I’m going to show you how to make a necklace from wooden coffee stirrers!

Learn how to make a wooden cofffee stirrers necklace after the jump. . .

What you need for this wooden coffee stirrers necklace

– wooden coffee stirrers
– small jump rings
– necklace
– scissors
– small pliers

DIY - Wooden coffee stirrers necklace

How to make this pretty wooden coffee stirrers necklace

1. Lay down your materials. Decide how many stirrers you want on your necklace and how big they should be.
2. Now you have to cut the stirrers on the desired length. You can do this with normal scissors.
3. Use the Crop-O-Dile to punch holes in the rounded side of the stirrers.
4. Use your pliers and the jump rings to attach the stirrers to the necklace.


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