DIY – Wood bracelet with 'silver inlay'

A great DIY on how to make a wooden bracelet with 'silver inlay'

Okay, it’s obviously not real silver in this ‘wood’ bracelet. But you have to admit that it looks like it! I decided to give a bracelet with wood-print a makeover with silver duct tape. This looks like the wood has a silver inlay. Of course you could also take a real wood bracelet for this DIY, but I had this one with wood-print still lying around. I really like the result and I’m sure I will wear this bracelet very often!

Read on to see how to make this wood bracelet with ‘silver inlay’. . .

What do you need for this DIY wood bracelet with ‘silver inlay’

– wooden bracelet or a bracelet with wood-print
– silver insulation tape
– parchment paper
– scissors

A great DIY on how to make a wooden bracelet with 'silver inlay'

How to make this super fun wood bracelet with ‘silver inlay’

1. Get your supplies ready. Make sure your bracelet is clean so that the tape will adhere properly.

2. Stick a piece of electrical tape on the parchment paper.

3. Cut triangles from the insulating tape from which you then cut out a smaller triangle (see picture). Also cut thin strips of about 2 millimeters wide.

4. Remove the insulation tape from the parchment paper and paste it on your bracelet. Fold the ends to the inside of your bracelet. If you want to you could finish the inside with, for example, felt.

5. Your wood bracelet with ‘silver inlay’ is ready! XO Wilma

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