DIY – Washi tape drinking glass

DIY - Washi tape drinking glasses

Washi tape is a new love of mine. It’s so easy to create something beautiful with it. Today I created this pretty drinking glass. It’s great for a party! But you could also use it as a vase (see picture after the jump) or as a candle holder.

Learn how to make this washi tape drinking glass after the jump. . .

DIY - Washi tape drinking glasses, vase, candle holder

What you need for this washi tape drinking glasses

– drinking glasses
– washi tape
– scissors

How to create this washi tape drinking glasses

Cut small triangles from your washi tape and tape is to your drinking glass. I layered some of the triangles on the bottom of the glass. At the top I left more space between the triangles. This way it looks like the triangles washi tape are falling into your glass.

What do you think about this simple DIY project? XO Wilma

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