DIY – Wallpaper sample bunting

DIY - Wallpaper sample bunting

I’m still in love with wallpaper samples, so I decided that I’m going to make five different crafts with them. Today number two: a wallpaper sample bunting! I really like colorful buntings and with wallpaper samples you can create one at almost no cost. There are so many wallpaper samples to choose from that you will always find something that you like. I choose colorful wallpaper but of course you can go with one color too!

See the full tutorial including pictures of this cute wallpaper sample bunting after the jump. . .

What you need for this wallpaper sample bunting

– wallpaper samples of your choice
– scissors
– double sided tape
– cotton yarn

DIY - Wallpaper sample bunting

How to create wallpaper sample bunting

1. Find some wallpaper samples that you like. Mine are from a DIY shop.
2. Make a pattern for your bunting. You can do this by folding a strip of the smallest side approximately half an inch down and then folding the paper lengthwise in two.  Cut a diagonal line from the bottom of the folded strip to the fold. Now you will have your pattern. You can use this as a guide to cut the bunting. Just lay it on top of one or more pieces of wallpaper and cut out.
3. Your bunting will now have a rectangle at the top from about an inch high. Fold this one in half like shown in the picture.
4. Put some double sided tape above the fold of your bunting.
5. Remove the top layer of your double sided tape and lay your cotton yarn on top of the double sided tape. Fold again to make everything stay in place. Leave about an inch of yarn and tape the next bunting to the yarn.
6. Enjoy you bunting! XO Wilma

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