DIY – Wallpaper sample artwork

DIY - Wallpaper sample artwork

I spend a lot of time in the DIY shop right now and I love the wallpaper samples that they have there. It’s like walking into a store with all kinds of pretty paper for free! OK, I know they don’t like it when I get this samples just for my crafts. But I can’t help it, they are just to pretty. This DIY artwork is made with these pretty wallpaper samples. What do you think? XO Wilma

Learn how to make this wallpaper sample artwork after the jump. . .

DIY - Wallpaper sample artwork

What you need for this wallpaper sample artwork

– wallpaper samples
– scissors
Mod Podge or wallpaper glue
– big piece of paper in the size of your frame

DIY - Wallpaper sample artwork

How to make this pretty wallpaper artwork

Lay down the pieces of wallpaper samples that you collected and decide on the arrangement. You can cut out letters or shapes and put them on the bigger pieces of wallpaper. Glue everything down on your paper with the Mod Podge. Put your artwork in your frame after the Mod Podge is completely dry.

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