DIY – Vintage style painted shoes

diy vintage painted shoes

Those of you who are following me on Facebook and/or Twitter have already seen a little preview of these fabulous vintage style shoes. Today I am finally sharing the DIY! I found these great vintage style shoes for just 4,50 Euro. I loved them, but I thought they would be even more fabulous with a little bit of paint. I like the vintage style of them and I think the black paint makes them look more vintage. I think they turned out great! What do you think? Are you going to paint your shoes?

Read how to make these fabulous vintage style painted shoes after the jump. . .

diy vintage painted shoes white

What you need to paint your shoes

– baby wipes
– acrylic paint
– Mod Podge
– two paint brushes; one for the paint and one for the Mod Podge
– masking tape
– shoes
– eventually new laces

diy vintage painted shoes

How to make these fabulous vintage style painted shoes

Clean your shoes with baby wipes. Decide which parts of the shoe you are going to paint. The parts that I was going to paint where lying a little bit above the rest of the ‘leather’. This way I didn’t need to use masking tape on the shoe itself. I did however use it to protect the sole. It’s also a good idea to remove the laces before you start painting. Now you start painting the black on the shoe. Let the paint dry. Repeat painting and drying until the black covered the white completely. Use Mod Podge to seal the acrylic paint. You could also use a textile medium to mix with the acrylic paint or a textile paint. I was out of both of them, so I used Mod Podge. When the Mod Podge is dried you can decide if you want your old laces back or if you want a different color. I choose black laces instead of the white ones that where there before.

I love how they turned out. Good look with painting your shoes!

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