DIY – Vintage button bracelet

DIY - Vintage button bracelet

A little while ago I found two jars full of vintage buttons at the thrift store. Some of them are really beautiful and they were just asking for a DIY project to get used in. So I decided to make a vintage button bracelet.

Learn how to make a vintage button bracelet after the jump. . .

What you need for this vintage button bracelet

– three vintage buttons of your choice
– three strings of leather rope, long enough for a bracelet
– two fold over clamps
– 5 cm of chain
– clasp
– 2 jump rings
– scissors

DIY - Vintage button bracelet

 How to make a vintage button bracelet

1. Put the first clamp unto the beginning of the three leather ropes.
2. You want to add three vintage buttons. Decide how far apart you want them to go and how big your bracelet is going to be. When you know this you can decide where the first button has to go. Braid until the first button, put the button on one of the leather ropes and braid around it.
3. Repeat for the other two buttons and finish the braid. End with the other clamp. Put jump rings on both clamps. Add the clasp on one side and the chain on the other.
4. And your bracelet is ready to wear! XO Wilma

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