DIY – Tattoo tights

I love the look of tattoos and someday I would really like to have one. I think the old fashioned swallows are absolutely gorgeous. Besides that birds represent for me freedom. The freedom to do the things I really want to do. For now I want something just a little less ‘forever’. It’s a little bit like test driving a tattoo. Of course you could use temporary tattoos or you could just draw something on your body. But why not draw something on your tights? This way you can ‘wear’ your tattoo many times without it fading away!

Read the full instructions on these tattoo tights after the jump. . .

swallow tattoo tights diy

What you need for these fabulous tattoo tights

– tights
– black textile marker
– tape
– image of some kind of tattoo (you can use the one above)
– book (just big enough to place inside your tights)

How to make these tattoo tights

diy tattoo tights how to

Tape your image on your book and slide the tights over it. You can make knots in the tights to keep it in place. Trace the image with you textile marker. Let dry for a few minutes. Remove the tights from the book. Your fabulous tattoo tights are ready!

Tip: You can use other colors textile markers to make colored tattoos. I just used black, but you can let your imagination go wild on this one!

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