DIY – Restyled bangle bracelet

DIY - Restyled dollar store bangle bracelet. Wrapped in jarn!

I really like bracelets and bangle bracelets are one of my favorites. I really love the chunky ones. So when I found some hideous bangle bracelets at the dollar store I just had to buy them. You say hideous? Why in the world would I buy those? Well, you know me, for a restyle project of course!

Learn how to make this cute restyled bangle bracelet after the jump. . .

DIY - Restyled dollar store bangle bracelet. Wrapped in jarn!

What you need for a restyled bangle bracelet

– bangle bracelet
– wool or cotton yarn in the colors of your choice
– scissors

How to create a restyled bangle bracelet

Choose one color as a base for your bracelet. Wrap it one time around your bracelet and make a knot at the inside. Leave the excess thread hanging there, because you will need it later on. Now wrap around the bangle bracelet until everything is covert in a tin layer of yarn. Make a knot at the end with the excess thread that you left at the beginning. Cut off the excess thread. Start with your second color the same way as your first color. Wrap in a pattern of your choice around the bracelet. At the end you can again make knot with the excess thread and cut off. You can repeat this with as many colors as you like. XO Wilma

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