DIY – Recycled gift card becomes geometric triangle necklace

DIY - recycled pass becomes geometric triangle necklace

My boyfriend was busy cleaning the closet and ran into some cards. Of course they were all cards we never use. That’s probably why they are in a closet. He wanted to throw them all away, but I thought I could make something fun out of it. In the past I have made guitar picks, ​so I knew that they are fairly easy to cut with ordinary kitchen scissors. This gave me the idea to make a necklace with it. With a little nail polish you can give the plastic any color you want. So let your imagination run wild!

Read on  to see how you can make this geometrical triangle necklace out of a recycled gift card. . .

What you need to make a geometrical triangle necklace out of a recycled gift card

– a card that you no longer use
– a chain of about 70 cm long
– four jump rings
– nail polish in one or more colors
– pliers
– piece of paper
– scissors
– pen
– Cropodile

How to create a triangle necklace from a gift card and some nail polish!

How you make a geometrical triangle necklace out of a recycled gift card

1. Look in your wallet and in your home for a card that you no longer use. It does not matter what is printed on it, because it will be covered with a layer of nail polish.

2. Fold a piece of paper in half and cut out a triangle on the fold. This way you create a symmetrical triangle. Use this triangle as a template to draw three triangles on your card Also put a line at the bottom of the triangle at the crease of your paper. This will make it easier to precisely punching the holes in the middle of you triangles later on.

3. Cut the triangles from your card and then use the Cropodile to punch a hole on top and at the bottom.

4. Give the triangle the desired color with nail polish. Color them on both sides, so your necklace is still beautiful as the triangle turns when it’s  moving. I used a dark gray nail polish with a light glitter in it.  I put an extra topcoat with a silver/gold coarse glitter nail polish on the triangle in the middle.

5. Use the jump rings to attach the triangles together and to the chain. And that’s it, your geometric triangle necklace is finished!

No one will see that your chain is made of an old gift card​​! Of course you can make much more from such a card, so the possibilities are endless. I am very curious about your creations! XO Wilma

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