DIY – Really easy poncho

DIY - Really easy poncho

This simple poncho is great for this fall! I made it from 1 meter of knitted fabric and it’s really easy to make. A real beginners project I would say. I love to wear mine with a belt around my waist. I only ‘belt’ the front, the back is hanging loose. This creates the ‘wing’ effect. What do you think about this cute and really easy to make poncho?

Learn how to make this really easy poncho after the jump. . .

What you need for this really easy poncho

– a sewing machine
– 1 meter by 1,40 meter of knitted fabric
– scissors
– pins

DIY - Really easy poncho

How to create this really easy poncho

1. Fold you fabric into a 0,70 x 1 meter rectangle.
2. Fold the fabric into a 0,70 x 0,50 rectangle and cut out  the neckline in the corner where you find the most folds, that’s the center of the fabric. I made a neckline of approximately 10 cm wide and 5 cm high.
3. Round of the corner with no folds. This corner will be the corners of your piece of fabric.
4. This is the shape you should end up with.
5. Pin a hem around the outside edge and around the neckline and sew.
6. Your new poncho is ready for this fall! XO Wilma

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