DIY – Raffia bracelet

Create a cute fishtail braided bracelet with raffia! @ By Wilma

Another bracelet tutorial today! This one is made with raffia. I love the material because it’s so natural and easy to work with. I bought it in a package with three colors for just 60 Euro cents. The bracelet I made with the raffia is really easy to make and perfect for summer!

Learn how to make this cute raffia bracelet after the jump. . .

What you need for this raffia bracelet

– raffia in two colors
– scissors
– eventually tape

Create a cute fishtail braided bracelet with raffia! @ By Wilma

How to make a cute raffia bracelet

1. Decide on two colors for this bracelet. I cut from both colors two pieces of 1,60 meter each. So in total you will have four strands, two of both colors.
2. Twist the raffia in the middle of the strands. Fold and make a knot. You will now have a loop at the end of your bracelet.
3. Start with a fishtail braid after the loop. If you want to you can tape the loop to the table to secure it. You can do this by dividing the strands in two with on both sides 2 strands of each color. Look at the picture for how to divide the colors. Start with bringing the strand most left to the left side of the four strands on the right. Now take the strand most right and bring this to the right side of the three strands on the left.
4. When you continue this process you will create a small fishtail braid.
5. When your bracelet is almost big enough to wrap twice around your wrist you have to make two small normal braids from the strands.
6. End with a knot.
7. To wear this bracelet, simply put one of the small braids trough the loop and make a knot with the other braid. That’s it! XO Wilma


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