DIY – Polka dot sunglasses

diy polka dot sunglasses

I never buy expensive sunglasses. Not that I don’t like them, but I always lose or break them. I just don’t think I’m made for expensive, breakable stuff. That said, I do like to buy sunglasses. The best thing about  the cheap ones is that you can buy a big variety of them for just a few bucks. And you can craft with these sunglasses. I mean; what is there to lose? You can always buy a new one. I have a pair of sunglasses lying in my car and I really think they need a makeover. They are ready for polka dots! And really; this might be the easiest craft you have ever made!

read the full instructions on how to make these polka dot sunglasses after the jump. . .

diy polka dot sunglasses before

What you need for these fabulous polka dot sunglasses

– sunglasses
– paint (I use the same paint as I use for painting my furniture)
– toothpick
– sun (well you don’t really need the sun to make these sunglasses, but you do want to wear them when you’re done, don’t you?)

How to make polka dot sunglasses

I can tell you a long story about this craft… Well actually I can’t. There are just 3 steps on how to make these polka dot sunglasses:

1. Clean your sunglasses.
2. Use the toothpick and the paint to make little polka dots on your sunglasses.
3. Let dry and wear your fabulous polka dot sunglasses!

Ain’t that easy? This would also look great on white sunglasses with black polka dots! Pick your color of sunglasses, pick the color for you polka dots and have fun!

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