DIY – No sew table-mat and duct tape clutch

DIY project: duct tape and table-mat clutch.

You can get duct tape in so many great colors and prints these days that I had to make a DIY project with it. It is such an easy product to work with and it’s also super strong. I got the idea to make a clutch where you don’t need a needle and thread. Instead you use duct tape to keep everything together. It’s not only super easy it also looks very nice. The duct tape gives a fun color accent to your clutch! The base is made ​​from a table-mat.

Read on to see how to make this clutch from a table-mat and duct tape. . .

What do you need for this super cute clutch from a placemat and ductape

– oval table-mat
duct tape in a nice bright color
– scissors
magnetic button
– button with flat back (you can flatten the back with a file)
glue gun

DIY project: duct tape and table-mat clutch.

How this clutch of duct tape and a table-mat

1. Cut off a piece on one side of your table-mat on the round part. At the widest point, this piece will be about 8 to 10 cm.

2. Finish the cut edge with duct tape. Also, put on both sides a piece of duct tape that you fold (see photo).

3. Fold your placemat to create a clutch shape. Press firmly so the duct tape keeps your clutch together. Put on either side of your clutch at the bottom a piece of tape that is slightly narrower than the width of your tape. This way you do not have a weird end of the duct tape that you put on your clutch in step 4.

4. Tape the sides of your clutch to close it. Press your magnetic button through the fabric and attach to both sides.

5. Use your glue gun to attach the ‘normal’ button on the back of your magnetic button.

And your clutch is done! Where do you use duct tape for? XO Wilma

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