DIY – Money envelopes

DIY - Money envelopes

Some people just want money for there birthdays. I really don’t like giving money but if it really is what a person wants I do give it. Besides that, if there are a lot of parties in a short period of time, or if I don’t know the host good enough, it’s really easy to just give money. But of course even money can’t be, and shouldn’t be, boring. So today I want to share some cute little DIY money envelopes with you. Hope you’ll like them!

Learn how to make these money envelopes after the jump. . .

DIY - money envelopes template

What you need for two money envelopes

– 4 pieces of 5 inch square scrapbook paper in matching prints and colors
– printer
– above label template
– scissors
– craft glue
– black marker
– cutting machine

DIY - Money envelopes

How to create this cute DIY money envelopes

1. Choose three of the scrapbook papers as the base of your envelopes. The most light and plain one is best to keep for the label.
2. Cut one of the three scrapbook papers in half with your cutting machine. I love to use this machine. It makes cutting so much easier! Glue each of the pieces to the bigger pieces of scrapbook paper so you will have to rectangles.
3. Now you need to fold the envelope shape. First you have to fold the smaller piece of the scrapbook paper in half. Now fold the bigger piece up until the fold. If you put the smaller piece on top of your bigger piece you will have an envelope shape. Unfold the envelope and make a cute from around a 1/3 of an inch from both side from the top of the envelope down (see picture). Fold the wider pieces inwards. This is where the glue will come. If you want to you can cut triangles from the sides to make the gluing process easier. I also cut off a little bit off the corners of the top. Just because I thought it looked pretty.
4. Glue your envelope. Make with the pieces you cut off earlier a closure for the envelope. Use the picture to see how I did it. I used two small strokes of scrapbook paper for this.
5. Print two labels on your left over paper and cut out. Draw a line at where the two pieces of paper meet at the back of the envelope and glue the label on top of it.
6. Find someone to give some money to! XO Wilma

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