DIY – Men's shirt to cute top

mens shirt to cute top diy

I found this Men’s shirt in the thrift store and really wanted to make something cute with it. I decided to make a top out of it and really like how it turned out. It’s really easy to make and you only need a few basic sewing skills to make it.

Learn how to make this cute top from a men’s shirt after the jump. . .

What you need to make this cute top

– big men’s shirt
– elastic
– scissors
– sewing machine
– pins
– safety pin

mens shirt to cute top diy

How to make this cute top from a men’s shirt

Cut along the grey lines on the picture above. Lay the pieces of fabric whit the right sights facing each other. Pin the sides together and sew. Open the buttons of the shirt and fold over the top of the fabric. You need to make an elastic casing, so leave enough room for your elastic. My elastic was about 1/4 of an inch so my elastic casing was half an inch high. Sew the casing. Use the safety pin to guide the elastic trough the casing. Put the top on and decide where to join the elastic. Sew this together and cut off the remaining elastic. Now you need to create the waist line. Sew the elastic on (pink line in the picture). You need to pull the elastic while you are sewing. Cut off the remaining elastic and your cute top is ready!

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