DIY- Memory book

diy memory book

I’m kind of chaotic. OK, you can leave that ‘kind of’ part out. I always say that it’s the downside of being creative, so I have an excuse, but it can be a real pain. For my boyfriend because of the mess I leave behind and for myself because my memory is just as chaotic as my home. The problem is that when I think of things I want to make for this blog, I’m not always able to create it at that moment. It’s impossible actually because I have so many ideas. When I do have the time I can only remember that I had a great idea. Yeah, really sad.. That’s why I decided that I needed a little memory book. In this book I can write down an draw every DIY I can think of. Of course my memory book itself should be a DIY too. So here it is!

Read how to make this cute little DIY memory book after the jump. . .

What you need for this DIY memory book

– Mod Podge
– brush
– notepaper (as many as you want your book to have pages)
– recycled cardboard box
– Xacto knife
– ruler
– cutting mat
– fabric of your choice
– ribbon
– scissors
– two clothespins
– fabric glue

diy memory book

How to make this lovely DIY memory book

Cut the cardboard in two pieces with the same shape as your notepaper. Use a ruler and a Xacto knife to make the edges as strait as possible. Place the cardboard on top and below the notepaper. Use the clothespins to make them stay in place. Brush a thick layer of Mod Podge on one side of your notepaper stack. You may need more then one layer to make all the paper stay in place. When everything is dry you can remove the clothespins. Cut your fabric in the same height as your notebook. Make the width a little bit bigger. You can cut the fabric later one. Mod Podge the whole outside of your memory book and place the fabric on top of it. Cut of the excess fabric. Use fabric glue to put the ribbon on the memory book. For the fabric applique above the ribbon I used Mod Podge.

Where do you need a memory book for?


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