DIY – Making a new frame look old

DIY - Making a new frame look old

I really like to experiment with materials. I had this new frame lying around that I really wanted to paint. It was fake dark wood with a small golden border. Not pretty… I decided to make the frame look old. It already had the shape of an old frame so in my mind it just needed a little bit of paint. And some techniques to make it look really old!

Read how I made this new frame look old after the jump. . .

What you need for this old looking frame

– a frame
– acrylic paint
– white glue (the cheapest one you can get)
– paintbrush
– blow dryer

DIY - Making a new frame look old

How to make a new frame look old

Paint the frame with one layer of acrylic paint. It shouldn’t cover everything, but you need a base. Let it dry. When the first layer is completely dry you can ad the second layer. This layer is a mixture of one part acrylic paint and one part white glue. You have to paint a thick layer with this mixture! Get your blow dryer and dry the paint. Paint doesn’t like to dry fast. So the hotter your blow dryer the more the paint will crackle. And that’s exactly what you want! That’s it, your frame is ready!

Tip: I just used one paint color, but you could also use a different color paint for the top layer than you used for the base layer. That way the cracks will be even more visible!

I found the picture you see in the frame here.

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