DIY – 'Love' wire necklace

diy - love wire necklace

A while ago the shops were filled with them: Simple bead necklaces. These bead necklaces are usually made from a string with beads attached to them. Really  handy because when it breaks you won’t have beads all over the place! There is a downside. Fixing your necklace can be a  very difficult job. Instead of fixing it, why not make your very own necklace! It’s very easy! Like this ‘Love’ necklace.

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What you need

– Metal wire  1,25 mm thick
– Cutting pliers and nippers for metal wire
– Black spray paint
– Paper
– Pen
– Broken bead necklace

How to make it

diy - love wire necklace

Write your word on the piece of paper. Mine was about 12 cm long. Cut off  about 50 cm of metal wire. Follow the letters on the paper with your metal wire. Use the nippers to shape the metal wire. For the letter ‘L’ i chose to turn the metal wire around itself. This is for strength. If you are finished with all the letters simply cut through the wire. Now turn the last round in with your pliers. Now use the spray paint to paint your letters black. When dry take out your bead necklace. Open the rounds on the end of the metal wire a bit, so you can run the last bead of your necklace through. Close the round and do the same on the other side.



Of course you can use any word for this necklace. If you have a short name you can also make it in to a name necklace!

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