DIY – Leather cuff bracelet

DIY leather cuff bracelet

This leather cuff bracelet is made of an old bag, some vintage ribbon and a plastic tube that contained powdered sugar. I used the powdered sugar for the baby chocolate cupcakes with Snickers butter cream and was left with this empty plastic tube. I thought it couldn’t be that hard to make something cute with it. I immediately thought about making a cuff bracelet out of it. So here it is: a leather cuff bracelet made out of a plastic tube.

Read how to make this fabulous leather cuff bracelet after the jump. . .

DIY leather cuff bracelet

What you need for this leather cuff bracelet

– thin leather, I used fake leather from an old bag I had lying around
– some sort of plastic tube
– vintage ribbon
– scissors
– glue gun

DIY leather cuff bracelet

How to make this fabulous leather cuff bracelet

First you have to cut open your plastic tube vertically. Now you have to create a circle with a height of around 2 inch. If the plastic is cracked just a little bit it’s not a problem, you won’t see it and it will not be a problem when the bracelet is finished. Round of the sides where the bracelet opens. Cut a piece of leather that is just a little bigger then your bracelet, you need around a quarter of an inch for seam allowance. Use the glue gun to glue the leather down. Fold over the edges and glue down on the back of the bracelet. You can use the scissors to make small cuts in the leather to make it easier to glue down the round corners. Glue down the vintage ribbon on top of the leather. If you want to line your bracelet you can now cut a piece of leather in the shape of the inside of the bracelet and glue it down with your glue gun. I didn’t do that, I’m lazy and no one is going to see the inside of my bracelet. You’re fabulous leather cuff bracelet is ready!

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