DIY – Lace sunglasses

diy lace sunglasses

I wanted to do a tutorial on sunglasses inspired on the a-morir lace sunglasses. I really like the idea of lace sunglasses and I thought it couldn’t be that hard to do a DIY version of these sunglasses. I wanted to make them a little more subtle and give them my own twist. That’s why I decided to use white lace and white sunglasses for this project. I really like how they turned out! And for those who wonder: you can see pretty good with this sunglasses on!

Learn how to make these fabulous DIY lace sunglasses after the jump. . .

What you need for these DIY lace sunglasses

– lace
– sunglasses
– scissors
– all purpose glue

diy lace sunglasses

How to make these fabulous DIY lace sunglasses

Cut a piece of lace a little bit bigger then your sunglasses. Put glue all around your sunglasses, but not on the glasses themselves. Place the lace on top of it and let the glue dry. When the glue is completely dry cut the lace around the edges of the sunglasses. Now you have a fabulous pair of DIY lace sunglasses!

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