DIY – 'Lace' pillow case

diy lace pillow

Thrift stores are full of lace curtains right now. I’m absolutely not suggesting you should use them as window dressing again, but there are other options! What about making some cute pillow cases?

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What you need

– fabric
– needle and thread
– pillow
– lace curtain
– straight pins
– sewing machine
– scissors

How to make it

Cut out two pieces of the fabric in the size you want the pillow to be. Now place the lace curtain over it on one side and decide on the best placing. Now cut the lace curtain and pin to one piece of the fabric. Finish the raw edges of the fabric with a zig-zag stitch. This way you will secure the lace curtain and prevent the fabric from fraying. Place both pieces of fabric together with the right sides of the fabric facing each other. Sew all the way around the fabric but leave ten cm open. Turn the fabric right side out and fill the pillow cover with the pillow. Sew the gap closed with the needle and thread.

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