DIY – How to print on bookpages

diy- how to print on bookpages

On Etsy you find prints on bookpages everywere. I love them but they are really easy to make yourself, so why should you pay for them? If you just run your bookpage through your printer the placement is not always right. Here I’m going to explain how you print on your book page.

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diy- how to print on bookpages

What you need

– book page
– printer paper
– printer
– masking tape
– scissors

diy- how to print on bookpages

How to make it

First print your image on the printer paper. Cover the image with the book page and use masking tape to keep it in place. Run the page again trough the printer. Now remove the masking tape and your book page print is ready for framing!

The illustration of the bird is from Flow Magazine.

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