DIY – Hammered metal look cuff bracelet

DIY- How to make a hammered metal look cuff bracelet with household materials

As promised today a cuff bracelet DIY project. This hammered metal look cuff bracelet is super easy to make with materials you most likely already have. As a base for this bracelet I used a toilet roll that I took from a restaurant. Those are bigger and stronger than the ones you use at home.

Learn how to make this hammered metal look cuff bracelet after the jump. . .

What you need for a hammered metal look cuff bracelet

– tin foil
– toilet roll or cardboard tube
– craft glue
– sharp knife for cutting cardboard
– pencil
– scissors
– wooden skewer

DIY- How to make a hammered metal look cuff bracelet with household materials

How to make a hammered metal look cuff bracelet

1. Sketch out your design with a pencil on your cardboard tube or toilet paper roll. At the center of the back of the cuff bracelet you need to draw a cutting line from the top to the bottom. This way the bracelet will be easy to put on.

2. Use a sharp knife to cut out your design. The cutting line at the back of the bracelet is the last one you cut because this will make the tube a little less sturdy.

3. Put craft glue on the outside of the tube. And on the edges of the inside.

4. Cut a piece of tin foil big enough to cover your cuff bracelet plus a little extra to fold over the edges and carefully wrinkle it. Make the foil flat again and glue it on the tube. Now put some glue around the holes in the inside of the cuff bracelet. Make a small cut in the tin foil and fold it to the inside. You can use the wooden skewer to press the foil in the corners.

5. When the glue is as good as dry you can use your wooden skewer to carefully (don’t break the foil!) make small horizontal lines on the foil. This makes the foil look more like real hammered metal.

That’s it! I hope you liked this metal look cuff bracelet tutorial! XO Wilma

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