DIY – Halloween decoration: bats!

DIY - Halloween decoration bats!

Halloween is not big in the Netherlands. It’s winning popularity but it’s still far from the holiday that’s known in America. I am loving it more and more. So I decided to create some Halloween decorations this year. The first things I made were these cute bats. I gave these away to a friend of mine but I’m planning to make a few more. Maybe some on a stick!

Learn how to make these cute Halloween bats after the jump. . .

What you need for these Halloween bats

– 2 inch styrofoam balls
– screws
– pen
– black marker
– black acrylic paint
– knife
– paintbrush
– cardboard, I used the back of an envelope with cardboard backing
hot glue gun
craft glue
– string
– scissors

DIY - Halloween decoration: Bat tutorial!

How to make these Halloween bats

1. Sketch a bat wing on a piece of paper. Use your styrofoam ball to get the size of the wing right. The wing needs to end on the side of the body in a strait line (see picture 2). This makes it easier to atatch the wing to the styrofoam ball.
2. Cut out the wing.
3. Use the wing you just made as a guide to draw around on the cardboard. My cardboard had two different side, one shiny one not. Because I wanted the wings to be the same I placed the wing up side down to make the wing on the other side of the bats body.
4. Cut out your wings.
5. Decide where your wings are going on the styrofoam ball and draw two lines on the ball.
6. Make slices in your ball with a knife.
7. Glue some craft glue on the ends of your wings and put them in the slices you just made.
8. Make a small hole in the top of your styrofoam ball, between the wings. You can do this with a pen or a screw. Cut of a piece of string in the size that you want it to be and make a double knot at the end. Put the knot in the hole you just make and use the hot glue gun to fill up the hole and keep the string in place.
9. Decide how your bat should hang and place a screw in the  styrofoam ball to keep the bat balanced. Put the screw all the way in the ball.
10. Paint your bat black with the acrylic paint and hang to dry.
11. Make some eyes for the bat and glue them on with the hot glue gun. I used a sewing machine bobbin to trace around on the white cardboard and cut that out. After that I cut the circle in half. I draw an eye on each of the halves.
12. Your bat decorations are ready for Halloween! XO Wilma

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