DIY – Gold leaf Easter eggs

Gold leaf Easter egg diy project

It’s no secret that I absolutely love gold leaf. It’s pretty and makes everything look better! That’s why I had to try some gold leaf on my Easter eggs. I made a simple design on white eggs to really make the gold leaf pop. I love how they turned out! Simple and sophisticated.

What you need for DIY gold leaf Easter eggs

– gold leaf*
– gold leaf adhesive*
– brush for the adhesive
– big brush (like a powder brush) to brush off the excess gold leaf
– white eggs

* You could also buy a gold leaf kit, like this one.

Gold leaf Easter egg diy projectGold leaf Easter egg diy project

How to make DIY gold leaf Easter eggs

1. Make sure your eggs and your work surface are clean. You don’t want anything else than gold leaf sticking to your Easter eggs!

2. Put the glue on your eggs where you want the gold leaf to go. You can make any pattern you like. Like dots, stripes or maybe even chevron. The glue has to dry for a while. For how long depends on your glue, so make sure you read the instructions!

3. It’s time to apply the gold leaf. I found it was the easiest to apply the gold leaf directly from the paper. It’s very delicate and will break as soon as you touch it. So open you booklet or paper and put the gold leaf on your egg. Remove the paper and the gold leaf will be stuck on your egg. You can use a brush and your fingers to create a smooth surface. It doesn’t have to completely perfect! I think that’s the charm of gold leaf!

4. Brush away all the excess gold leaf and leave it to dry.

Your DIY gold leaf Easter eggs are ready for Easter! XO Wilma

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